To Whom It May Concern:

We are writing this letter to express our complete satisfaction with Warren Childers as our realtor for our houseboat.  We have been houseboating since 1999. We had a new houseboat built by Sunstar Yachts in 2009.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our houseboating life but as life changes we must change.  We contacted Warren in December of 2016 with the thought of selling our houseboat.  From that point on he was there every step of the way.  He was very knowledgeable and encouraging about the market.  Once we listed it, it sold very quickly.  Warren warned us that if we were not sure about selling not to list it because it would go fast.  He was exactly right.  Warren was very informative and in close contact with us through the whole process.

Warren has become a good friend of ours and we would highly recommend him to everyone.


Bruce & Roseanne Hampton

“Cuzzin Brucey”


This letter is to heartily endorse Warren Childers.

I bought my first houseboat in 2005. I met Warren at a boat show and was impressed at his knowledge of his boats. Warren talked with my wife Kathy and I for about 45 minutes. We gave him a “dream list” of what we wanted on a boat. The next day, I received an e-mail with a boat detailed out exactly as I described at a price better than most of his competitors. We ordered the boat.

During the construction of the boat, Warren recommended some changes. I took his advice on most items. The times I didn’t, I regretted later!

I also hired Warren as a captain for a few days to help me with my orientation to my new boat. He is an excellent captain, and a great instructor. I have found it is much better to have Warren show boat operations to Kathy than to do it myself.

After a few weeks of owning the boat and having boated over 900 miles, there were a few maintenance items to be taken care of. Once again, Warren showed up and I was thoroughly impressed with his abilities and knowledge of my boat. All of my concerns were taken care of quickly and professionally.

Later, I decided to install an extra hot water tank. I called Warren for advice as to how this could be done. Next thing I know, Warren shows up, we go to Home Depot, and before the day is over, I have an extra hot water heater installed!

After a little over a year, Warren found a buyer for my boat and I bought an even bigger one!

Dr. William L. Hendry


To Whom It May Concern:

We are happily writing this letter to talk about Mr. Warren Childers, an exceptional broker who made our whole experience of purchasing our first boat, and a large one at that – simplified, smooth and with ease.

When we first met Warren in December, while looking for a boat, he was a “no pressure”, take all the time that you need kind of guy. He was there to answer questions and help you buy the boat you want, when you were ready to make a purchase. We were initially impressed with his knowledge and patience, being first time houseboaters. We followed up with him in late January, and eventually purchased our Fantasy intra coastal houseboat, which indeed was everything he said it would be.

That’s when the real difference came for us, and for those other customers of his that we have met since. He made the time to work with our schedule, and train us on all aspects of our houseboat. Warren was always 10 minutes or a phone call away, and answered his calls at all hours and weekends. We certainly inundated him with our questions, and he answered patiently every time. His knowledge of boats/yachts is unsurpassed and we recommend him whenever someone expresses interest in our boat. Without hesitation!

Then after all was said and done, we hit a crab pot with our prop, he called the local repair guys to make sure that they had the right parts and if they didn’t - he was going to send them by Fedex the next day. Months later we had an A/C problem and in the next state where we were traveling he called a repair group that he knew and arranged for them to be at our dock the next morning. After that I told him we were going to change his name to “Warren T”.

The wealth of knowledge he has about the building, construction and operating systems of these houseboats is without questions and his commitment to “look after his customers” has cemented our relationship as buyers and future customers. There are other stories of his help that he has given us and other customers - but that is for another conversation!

“Warren T” is the one person you need to get you the right boat you want, and the one to have on your side after the sale. He has become our good friend now and we look forward to a great life on the water!

Paddy and Steph Savage
“1000 Islands Fantasy”


Dr. Fred Widerman


December 3, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

We live in Southern Illinois and began our “Houseboat Hunt” locally without any success.  Gradually working our way east from lake to lake we ended at Lake Cumberland with Warren Childers and Sunstar.  Warren is patient, kind, thoughtful and caring.  We are first time boat owners and if we asked him a question once, we asked it a dozen times….the same question!  You would think that after we mentally exhausted Warren, he would be glad to make the sale and move on.  Quite the opposite is true as Warren continues to go above and beyond.  As new boat owners, we have left at least one thing on after each weekend excursion….hot water heater, pump, water!  On each occasion, Warren graciously made a trip to the marina to right our mishaps!  After a storm front with high winds passed through the Midwest, Warren once again thought about others and walked the docks checking on boats.  He called to let us know our boat was fine and had weathered the storm well.  A month after that storm, multiple tornadoes touched down in Illinois.  Warren called again to check on us.  Warren and his wife Kristi have an extensive knowledge of boats and boating, of which we have greatly benefited.  Most importantly, we have benefited from their honest and caring nature.  We are overjoyed with our houseboat and excited to get it moved closer to home; however, we are sad to be leaving Lake Cumberland and our friends, Warren and Kristi Childers.


Randy and Michelle Puckett



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